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UK & Norway
Dir: Tonje Hessen Schei
99 Mins

released 2020

Directed by visionary filmmaker Tonje Hessen Schei (DRONE, 2014), iHuman is a political thriller about artificial intelligence, power and social control. With unique deep access to the booming AI industry this film shows how the most powerful and far-reaching technology of our time is changing our lives, our society and our future. iHuman follows pioneers at the frontline of the invisible AI revolution to see how this technology is developed and implemented. Through some of the brightest minds in the AI industry, iHuman draws the roadmap to where we are going. Who punches in what codes for our future? How does AI impact who we are? iHUMAN shows a growing conflict in the tech world. AI now permeates every aspect of our lives, but only a handful of people really have control over what it’s doing to us. The true limits of AI remain unknown - as do the extent of the consequences.

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One Room With a View

"A documentary which functions as much as a horror film, some of the world’s smartest minds address the multitude of ways in which technology will be the end of us. From the proliferation of fake news and extreme cyber attacks, to AI weapons and watertight dictatorships, if the machines don’t get us, those controlling them will."

The Guardian

"iHuman helpfully gathers all the strands together into one apocalyptic package, detailing the many ways in which technology is a risk to life as we know it."

Take One Cinema

"iHUMAN, as well as general discussion around AI, continues to promote conversations about freedom, what it means to be human and what it is to learn and think. If things that feel so uniquely human can, in fact, be engineered and transferred into something “artificial”, what does this mean for us?"
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