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Dir: Anthony Baxter
114 mins

released 2020

Filmed over 5 years by director Anthony Baxter, FLINT is the gripping story of largest water poisoning disaster in American history, as seen through the eyes of the people of Flint, Michigan, whose health and lives have been shattered. It exposes the power battles and political failures that leave the people of Flint - a majority of whom are African-American - still drinking contaminated water rejected by the local General Motors car factory because it corrodes car parts. For a world coming to grips with issues racial injustice and a lack of trust in government and science, FLINT is a devastating and timely warning about what happens when that trust completely breaks down.

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Dirty Movies

"Baxter has done a great service to the people of Flint, highlighting that without checks, balances and demands for accountability, the most basic tenets of developed societies can crumble."

The Wrap

"The documentary “FLINT” has more twists and turns than a Hollywood whodunit, and that’s not good for a real-life tragedy. While the villains are many, and they switch order of importance depending on the stage of the crisis, the victims never change: Flint residents, and most sadly the kids, suffer the consequences. This is especially egregious considering that all they did was drink the water."

WXYZ Detroit

"The filmmaker approaches the topic from a brilliantly effective angle, not only spelling out the timeline and explaining the situation in easy-to-understand ways, but also giving the viewers a taste of the confusion and and chaos that the Flint residents have and are still experiencing today.

Who can you trust? As it turns out, nobody, on either side of the political spectrum."

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