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Dir: Chico Pereira
86 mins

released 2017

Manolo has a simple life in Southern Spain and two loves: his animals, in particular his donkey Gorrión (“Sparrow”), and wandering through nature. Against the advice of his doctor, he decides to plan one last walk in the US, the brutal 2200 mile Trail of Tears. But not without his donkey. Overcoming the small obstacle of shipping a donkey, Manolo’s chronic arthritis, a history of heart attacks, and Gorrión’s fear of water are just a few matters to take care of. As their adventure continues, Manolo’s wondrous friendship with his animals finds a beautiful equilibrium. Will they find the American West? More importantly, will they be able to see life as it is, and not as it should be?

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The Guardian

"This warmly funny, affectionate one-man-and-his-donkey road movie from Spain slows the world down to a gentle 3mph plod. It’s a documentary, more or less, about the director’s uncle Manuel, an eccentric old-timer who tramps about the countryside in Andalucía dressed in a cowboy hat and poncho like Clint Eastwood as The Outlaw Josey Wales."

Little white lies

"A gem of a documentary that you won't forget."


"What’s most successful, and memorable, about Chico Pereira’s poignant documentary – co-produced by the Scottish Documentary Institute, and winner of best doc at last year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival – is its slow, thoughtful, minimalist storytelling, and the way the director paints in farmer Manolo’s background and allows his tale to unfold with almost effortless ease."
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